We have a great range of authors in the library but there are always the favourites, let me know your top author and I will add them to the wiki.

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We have all these Geronimo Stilton titles in our Library, but getting your hands on one may be difficult as they are very popular.

return vampire 1.pngrun for the hills.pngstar castaway.pngstilton cup of coffee.pngwild wild west.pngvalley of skeletons.pngthea stilton and the cherry.pngsaves olympics.pngorient express 1.pngthe mystery in venice 1.png


Click on the picture above to visit the Roald Dahl Wed Site....A great web site that all Roald Dahl fans should visit.



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Time to have a look at one of our most popular New Zealand authors Des Hunt. I have read all the Des Hunt books that we have in our library, and have recommended them to many students who have enjoyed them. Once you read one you are hooked.

These books are an amazing mix of adventure, New Zealand history, endangered animals and are set in places that some of you may have visited. Des Hunts newest book is due out soon and will be added to our collection as soon as possible (after I have read it of course).
peco_incident.pngsteel pelicans.pngphantom of terawhiti.pnghuia project  2.png