Here are some wonderful reviews and recommendationsfrom our students,all these books are available in our library to read and enjoy.

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Title: Poetry Pudding
Author: New Zealand poets.
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 3 out of 5
Plot Summary: This book has lots of fun and entertaining poems to read and the authors are New Zealand poets.
Response: This book was great to read, it was entertaining and very funny at times. I do recommend this book for students aged 8 - 13.

Emma Rm 4


Title: Real Keen, Baked Bean!
Author: June Factor
Date: 29/06/2011
Genre: Fiction
Plot: This book has really funny poems (they will crack you like an egg).
Personal Response: This book caught my eye because the picture on the front of the book represents the title. It shows a baked bean running away from the can and all the other baked beans (WHAT A SILLY BAKED BEAN). My favourite poem is this one: If I Were A Dog And You Were A Flower I'd Lift My Leg And Give You A Shower.

Jade Rm 4

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Eagle Strike

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Date: 14th July 2011

Genre: Fiction and Action

Plot Summary: This book is about a 14 year old boy who is a secret agent and he has to stop a man named Damian Cray from killing alot of innocent people by using secret tactics.

Personal Response: This book surprised me because Alex Rider the 14 year old boy, manages to escape from every impossible situation, that if I were in I would die. My favorite part is when Alex is playing the game Slayer which makes the player feel pain when they get hit.

I recommend this to people who like action.

Rating: I rate this book 4.5/5.0

Kaneda Rm 4


Title: The Real Thing

Author: Brian Falkner

Genre: Some facts, mostly fiction.

Plot: Only 3 people in the whole world know the secret formula for Coca-Cola,and when they all get kidnapped, it's up to Fizzer and Tupai to save the company.

Response: I would feel so excited and honoured to be put in Fizzer's place but also a bit scared. When Fizzer and Tupai were trapped in the tornado shelter I was wondering how they would get out and then they seemed like the smartest people on Earth being able to break out of a tornado shelter hand-cuffed. I learned that it would be so terrible to lose the coca-cola formula and just how serious it would be if the real Coca-Cola 3 were all kidnapped. I learned to be thankful that we have Coca-Cola.

Emily Rm 33

Title: Fantastic Mr Fox
Author: Roald Dahl
Genre: Comedy

Plot: This book is about three farmers whose names are Bean Boggis and Bunce and a fox called Mr Fox who has a wife and four baby foxes. Every night Mr Fox goes out in the night and either steals turkeys from Bean, chickens from Boggis, or ducks and goose from Bunce. And when Mr Fox comes to their hole they would pluck whatever they were eating and eat it. But one day the three farmers noticed that Mr Fox was stealing from them so, when it got dark , the farmers would leap out of the bushes and try to kill Mr Fox. One night they leaped but they shot only his tale off. So they brought their diggers and dug up the foxes’ hole so they could kill them.
But luckily these foxes were very fast diggers so they survived by stealing chickens, turkeys, ducks and goose underground and the farmers just kept on digging and waiting.

Response: I think that this book is really funny because the farmers waited for the fox to come out of the hole for a very long time. The foxes were very clever, they stole the farmers’ food who were still waiting at the hole and not noticing that their food was gone.

If I were the character: I would be very cunning, dig up holes on farmers, land. I would have razor sharp teeth and very good smell that would help me sneak in the farmers’ sheds and steal birds. Reading Log 3 4/4/2011

Callum Rm 4


Title: The Headless Ghost

Author: R.L.Stine

Genre: Fictional Horror

Plot: Hill House is the biggest tourist attraction in town. That's because it's haunted. Haunted by the headless spirit of a thirteen year old boy! Stephanie and Duane love Hill House. It's dark, it's creepy and completely scary. And even though they've gone on the tour through Hill House a million times, they never seen the ghost. Until the night Stephanie and Duane decide to go on a search....For the head.


Text to self: If I were Duane I would just tell Stephanie that I'm not comfortable searching for a head of a thirteen year old ghost.

I felt empathy toward Duane since he kept getting tricked by Stephanie and getting forced into doing things that made him feel uncomfortable.

Language Used: I think the language used was very interesting. Every few paragraphs, within a chapter had puzzling moments which lead to suspense and fore-seeing the next main event.

Recommend: I would recommend this book to children, aged 8 to 12 years, who enjoy reading hair-raising, spine-chilling tales.

Shivani Rm 33


Title: The Candle man.
Author: Glenn Dakin.
Genre: Narrative/nonfiction.
Summary: When Theo touches people they melt into slime. How is he related to the legendary candle man?
Language used: I like how it used descriptive words like the room was full of old newspapers.
Text to self: Theo was worried about Sam like my mum was worried when she couldn't find me walking home from school.
I learned: That you shouldn't judge people by how they seem.
Text to world: Theo was grieving that Cloe was dead (she wasn't though it was her twin) is like families grieving in Christchurch for people in their family who have died.

Lauryn Rm 33


Dragon rider
By Cornelia Funke


Plot: It's a about a dragon who sets out to find the rim of heaven to save his fellow dragons and along the way he teams up with a brownie, a human boy and a homculus and many other characters but along the way they meet a deadly foe, the mighty Nettlebrand! will they defeat him and find
the rim of heaven before it's too late?

  • If I were Twigleg I would be very torn because he's always been Nettlebrand's servant but Ben is so nice to him.
  • I felt sorry for Gravelbeard when he was almost forced to become Nettlebrand's new armour cleaner and have to deal with Nettlebrand and his ungrateful and impatient ways.
  • I learned that when you are in your darkest times you can pull through and defeat the ultimate enemy.
  • I loved all the different settings and all the amazingly wonderful descriptions of the magical creatures.

Recommendation: I recommend this book to all dragon lovers who love different creatures coming together to beat a villian.

JoJo Rm 33


Children of the lamp
The Akhenaten Adventure
By P.B.Kerr


Plot: It's about twins who find out they're BOTH djinn! They go on a wonderful adventure with their uncle Nimrod to defeat Akhenaten and find the lost djinn of Akenaten to stop bad luck taking over!But along the way they realise they have another enemy on their hands!

  • If I were Philippa I would have felt very bad about some of the sub conscience wishes she's granted and their effects on people.
  • I felt sorry for Groanin because he only had one arm and all those years he spent being very careful to never say "wish" and how he always had that on his mind.
  • I learned that however hard anything seems you can always pull through.
  • I loved how the author described all the settings ( especially the houses) in such depth.

Recommendation: I would recommend this book to fantasy lovers who love evil villians and magic.

JoJo Rm 33


Title: Ten Spooky Stories
Author: R.L STINE
Genre: Fiction Horror
Plot: This book is about ten spooky stories which are jaw dropping in every way.
Language used: There is quite a bit of language where you think something bad is going to happen but it is okay and then it goes bad again. This happens when two boys are looking after their neighbour's house and the kids say it's haunted. When they're inside, they get trapped. "Aah! What's that noise?" " I don't know. " "Grrr! " "RUN! " "What was that? " "I don't know. " Their neighbours pull into the driveway. "What's wrong?" " There's something in your house!"
"Oh, that's just our pet pig. " The next day at school the kids said, " That house isn't haunted! " "That's because it's the one next to it!"
Text to self: If I were one of the kids in the story above I would be freaked out and a little confused.
I felt empathy with: All of the characters in each story who got scared.
I learned that: Some stories have good and happy endings and others have sad ones.
Recommend: I would recommend this book to people who like short scary stories. I gave it 7/10

Matthew Rm 33


Title: Goosebumps "One day at Horrorland"
Author: R.L.STINE
Genre: Fiction Horror
Plot: It is about three kids and two adults who go to a place called "HORRORLAND" and they get a little surprise when everyone there is not right.
Language: There was quite a bit of horror in it and there are a few times when the language said that they were close to getting into trouble but they just got out. An example is when they were sliding down a chute and they saw a fire. "Aah! We are going to die in that fire if we go though it.... What? I'm not dead. It must have been some sort of special effects".
Text to self: If I were one of the kids, I would be a bit confused because of what is not real.
I feel empathy with: I felt empathy with the kids because they would have been scared.
I learned that: If you are going to a theme park, stick with Rainbow's End.
Recommend: I would recommend this book to all the boys and girls looking for a nail biting horror. I gave it 8/10

Matthew Rm 33